Fine line & wrinkle treatment

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Ageing results in lost of elasticity in the skin giving a looser, dull look. This can be due to simple genetics and how your skin changes over time but also a result of sun exposure, stress, smoking, alcohol consumption and dehydration. Anti-wrinkle injections can reverse these signs of ageing no matter what has happened to your skin in the past!

Anti-Wrinkle injectables are an effective way of softening fine lines and wrinkles. They are injected directly into the muscle that causes facial contractions and work by stopping facial nerves from sending the message to the muscle to contract each time you make a facial expression.

By reducing overactive muscle movement in the face, your skin becomes relaxed and gets a chance to recover from continual movement. The result essentially irons out your skin giving it a smoother younger look.

Skilled administration of injections means natural looking results, and our highly qualified cosmetic injector Monica Sternalski will consult with you to recommend the most suitable treatment for your particular concerns, be it anti-wrinkle injectables; dermal fillers or lip enhancements, for the most aesthetically pleasing and subtle results.


Is this treatment safe?

The solution has been used for cosmetic purposes for over 15 years and for medical purposes for over 25 years. In addition to its cosmetic use, the solution has been used to treat cerebral palsy in children and movement disorders in adults. Although the anti-wrinkle injections have been used for many years they should not be used in pregnancy, lactating mothers and other medical conditions. It is very important to tell Monica if you have health problems or on any medications prior to treatment.

What is involved in treatment?

The procedure only takes about 10 minutes and the discomfort is minimal and brief. After the injection, it takes about 5-7 days to notice the effect and 10 days for the full effect.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

It lasts for approximately 3 months, depending on the individual. The result will usually wear off progressively after 2 months as expression lines gradually return to their original appearance. The lines will never be worse after treatment. For some clients, the more often you have the treatment the less frequently it is required as the effects may last longer with each application.

Are side effects possible with anti-wrinkle injections?

Although side affects do occasionally occur, Monica will take particular care to minimise them. Minor side effects include bruising, which may last 5-7 days, occasional redness or swelling, which usually goes in a few hours. More significant side effects relate to dosage and positioning and that is why Monica continues to undergo regular training and upgrading to fine tune her skills.

These more significant side effects include uneven results, poor or failed results, puffiness around the eyes and even mouth or eye droop if the anti-wrinkle injections placement is inappropriate. These more significant side effects usually improve in 2-4 weeks and can improve quicker with appropriate care.

What areas can be treated?

See below a list of all the different areas that can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections. At your consultation, Monica will talk you through the procedure, answering any questions you might have. Only when and if you are comfortable and ready, will your treatment start.

  • Lines and wrinkles on the upper face
  • Frown Lines (between the eyes)
  • Crow’s Feet (lines on the sides of the eyes)
  • Horizontal brow lines
  • Eye brow lifts
  • Facial lifts upper and lower
  • Enlarging and opening up eyes
  • Softening lines under eyes
  • Softening the lines in the neck
  • Softening and improving drooping mouth corners
  • Facial contouring
  • Migraine management
  • Excess sweating in the palms, feet and under arms
  • Managing teeth grinding and associated headaches


About Monica Sternalski, your cosmetic injector

Monica is a qualified nurse who has over 20 years experience in treating skin conditions and aesthetics.

Monica worked intensely within the beauty and cosmetic industry, then embarked on teaching, before turning her hand to Nursing. Nursing has allowed Monica to integrate the discipline of medicine with a love of facial aesthetics. Monica will work with a client to develop a holistic treatment plan that will be customized to their natural identity. The intension is always to leave a person feeling positive about themselves. Finding the inner-self and celebrating what it is that YOU would like to be.

Monica also treats conditions such as excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis), teeth grinding (Bruxism) and also assists with relieving migraines.

  • More than 20 years experience

  • Professional nursing career

  • Discreet consultation within a safe environment

  • Holistic approach to each treatment


Find out what these Anti-ageing treatments can do for you! Contact the clinic today to arrange your FREE CONSULTATION with Monica, our cosmetic injector!

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