Laser Hair Removal Melbourne | Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Permanent silky smooth skin

Skincare Laser Clinic provide safe, affordable, permanent reduction of your unwanted hair in 

every part of the body and all skin shades.

We are using only medical grade 4 CANDELA Gentle Max Pro laser equipment, operated by

experienced and certified laser technicians ensuring high quality results in a professional

and friendly clinical environment.

The Candela Gentle Max is not only the most powerful, best, and most successful laser

machine on the market, but it also features two technologies; Gentle Lase Nd YAG 1064 and Gentle Lase PRO 755 Alexandrite .

These systems will safely and effectively treat any skin type.

Patients only need 6-10 treatments with this powerful machine, and there is absolutely

no numbing required, no sticky gel application, and virtually no pain throughout your treatment. 

The patented cooling technology of the Candela Gentle Max features an air cooling process

which hits the treatment area right before the laser begins to pulse, gently cooling

your skin for increased comfort and safety

Before care for laser hair removal 

  •    No laser resurfacing and chemical peel (4 weeks)
  •    Do not wax or pluck (2 weeks)
  •    Do not use fake tans, tanning moisturiser,solariums, tanning drugs (2 weeks)
  •    Avoid excess direct sun exposure(2weeks) 
  •    Do not use Retinol vitamin A or Hydroquinone whitening agent,cream (3 days)
  •    Shave the area (12 hours)


After care for laser hair removal

Apply Laser Aid (available from clinic) to the treated area twice per day 5-6 days to

minimize the likelihood of side effects.

Redness is common for up to 2 hours post treatment & can continue for few days.

Regular application of the Laser Aid will dramatically improve recovery.

  •      Avoid very hot shower & bath for 24 hours
  •      Do not use perfume & deodorant for 24 hours
  •      Avoid excess heat and exercise for 48 hours
  •      Avoid swimming in pools and spa with chemical, salts or chlorine for one week
  •     Do not shaving, waxing, plucking or depilatory creams, exfoliating products
  •     Avoid excess direct sun exposure and solarium visits, apply SPF50
  •     Avoid active ingredient Retinol A, AHA's for 1-2 weeks
  •     Avoid facial, microdermabrasion, laser treatment,chemical peel in 2-3 weeks.

How does it work?


Is it permanent?

Yes result are permanent ,more than 90% of clients have had permanent hair removal.


How many treatments do I need?

Most client under take 6-10 treatments for body and 8-12 treatments for face every 4-8 weeks.


Are there any side effect?

It is normal to experience redness of the skin and some mild swelling , which typically lasts

from one hour to 24 hours. In extremely rare instances , some grazing or scabbing may

occur which quickly subsides.




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